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Over the last two years, the London District has focused on the theme of Woven, a theme centred on the power of storytelling to transform and renew us in our lifelong discipleship as followers of Christ.
In that time, we had the privilege of hearing the stories of our members from a diverse context and through a variety of means. The Woven Weekend is an online and in person gathering of the London District to hear more and be inspired to continue to share God’s story, your story and every story far and wide.
The weekend's events included:
  • Engaging Saturday keynote session on Saturday with Revd Dr. Elaine Heath and Phoebe Parkin
  • Sunday services at Methodist Central Hall Westminster with Prof. Anthony Reddie 
  • A selection of topical workshops covering discipleship, working with marginalised communities, digital church, doing church with millennials and more!
Woven Sunday Resources:
We offer this Order of Service as a resource for ministers and local preachers / worship leaders, who may wish to use it as part of their local expression of the Woven Project. 
An accompanying sermon outline is available upon request. Please contact the District Office via email.   
Videos of the Woven Weekend are now available and include worship with the Southwark and Deptford Circuit, keynote speeches, a question and answer session and workshops. 

Keynote Speakers

Elaine Heath.jpg
Revd Dr Elaine Heath
Anthony Reddie.jpeg
Professor Anthony Reddie
Phoebe - Youth President.jpg

Phoebe Parkin


Tony Malcolm.jpeg
Exploring vocation in the context of multicultural society and the Church

Revd Tony Malcolm

15624} London District Methodist Church
Eunice Attwood.jpeg

Deacon Eunice Attwood

15624} London District Methodist Church
Church at the Margins in a Global Panemic

A space to reflect on how we can support, and be transformed, by people on the economic margins of society to create gospel communities of transformation and justice. How can we be orientated to those who are economically impoverished or who are deeply vulnerable economically due to their circumstances (e.g. housing, access to employment, food poverty) and challenge the injustice of poverty.

Every church is struggling to find people to fill offices. How can we REALLY offer opportunities for people to explore vocations in the life of the church and not just fill vacancies?


I hope to offer some reflections from my ministry, and invite you to share from your experiences.

Mark Williamson.jpeg

Mark Williamson

15624} London District Methodist Church
Doing Church with Millennials: Evangelism & Discipleship

How do we effectively engage with and disciple young adults in our churches, so they become committed, radical and mature followers of Jesus? You’ll gain plenty of ideas that can be tried both within traditional Methodist church or circuit structures, and also within more innovative missional communities. We will cover both the missiological challenge (evangelism) and the formational challenge (discipleship).

Matthew Forsyth.jpeg

Matthew Forsyth

15624} London District Methodist Church
What are your next steps?


'How do you take your next best step?' - that's the question All We Can and their partners ask in the communities where they work around the world. As we emerge from lockdown and the world seeks to recover from a pandemic, come along to find out how you can take your next step, and help people in some of the world's most marginalised communities to do the same.

Jasmine Yeboah.jpeg
Being courageous at sharing God's story and your story

Jasmine Yeboah

15624} London District Methodist Church
Ali Johnson.jpeg

Ali Johnson

A Hybrid Church: Being Church in changing times

In this workshop, we are going to think about how to be a hybrid church. What does it mean to deliver what we deliver offline, online and deliver what we deliver online, offline. This session will be full of practical tips and explore how to make great use of the technology we find.

15624} London District Methodist Church