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Knife Crime

There were a total of 27,487 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument that were recorded by the police in the year ending September 2015. Of these offences, 188 (less than 1%) were homicides and 27,299 were made up of other selected offences such as attempted murder and threats to kill (FOI 24 March 2015).


Knife crime in the city has risen to a four-year high following a relatively steady increase since June 2014.In June 2012 there were 1,719 recorded stabbings of people aged under 25 in the capital compared with 1,749 in August 2016. The London boroughs with the most knife crime during the period Aug 2015 to Aug 2016 where the victims was aged under 24 range from 110 in Lambeth to 70 in Brent.

Knife crime is impacting on our community in a destructive way. One of the focus of the Social Responsibility Commission is to see how the London District of the Methodist Church can help the community. 

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