(Presbyters and Deacons)

The Authorised Ministries Commission (AMC) within the London Methodist District meets periodically to ascertain issues related to ministries. Amongst other aspects of its work, the AMC's aims are to share the good news of Jesus Christ throughout Greater London and the surrounding areas, and to improve the well-being of people and their communities by equipping and developing Faithful and Fruitful preachers and ordained ministers.

The District's goal is to ensure that every minister and Local Preacher is engaged in an intentional review and development of their ministry (primarily through the programmes of Ministerial Development, Supervision Training and Continuing Development of Local Preachers). Also, to receive reports related to the preparation, reception, training and continued accountability for candidates (in terms of process), the continued progress of probationer presbyters and deacons within the district and ‘dreaming up’ ways of support, encouragement and general CDIM & CLPD.

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