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Advanced Module Safeguarding Training:
In-person version

The Advanced Module is designed to consolidate and develop the learning gained from the Foundation Module. 

Whilst everyone is welcome to undertake the Advanced Module, it is a mandatory requirement for certain positions and roles within the church. For a detailed list of these roles, please view the Required Attendance List

The course is facilitated by the District and can be run both online and in-person. The information on this page pertains solely to the in-person version of this course. Please click here to learn more about the online version.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

The in-person edition of this course is comprised of three elements:

1. Unit 1a: Preparing the Ground Booklet

This pre-course booklet contains resources for your self-study before you attend a core learning session. It underpins the core learning session and is an essential part of the overall learning for this course.

2. Core learning sessions (Units 1b - 5)

This element is delivered in-person at a training session with a District trainer. The course usually lasts a minimum of four hours. Please note that participants will be required to register their attendance at this training. 

3. Handbook: to support learning during the Advanced Module and for further study and resources


Please register for a training session via the link below. The materials needed to participate in this training can also be accessed and downloaded via the link below. If you require a hard copy please contact Rachael Pielow for support. 

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