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The Probationers’ Group supports those probationer minsters in the District who have yet to be ‘received into full Connexion.’ This is a vital time for Methodist Ministers and the Probationers’ committee seeks to make it one of support, encouragement, challenge and growth. The probationary period provides many opportunities for ministers to enhance their skills, learn from their engagement in ministry and to reflect with others on their practice. 

The Probationers Committee hears reports on the individual probationers from their Circuits and the college which oversees their continuing studies, and recommends whether they should continue on Probation (most commonly for two years) or be 'Received into Full Connexion and Ordained'.  Probationer ministers follow a monthly programme which explores various aspects of ministry and provides fellowship and support, sometimes together with ministers in their Early Years following ordination.  This includes a short residential in September and a 3-day retreat in January, which is organised jointly with the Southeast District of the Methodist Church.

Please contact Revd Steven Cooper, Probationers Secretary, with any questions you may have.

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