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Refugees / Migration

The London District responded fantastically to the appeal at the 2016 September Synod to provide food for the refugees at Calais. Five transit vans packed full of food were taken to Calais. However, our response in Christian Love to crisis must always move beyond the sticking plaster approach to seeking to make a lasting difference.


The District Focus ‘Moving Stories’ is helping the District as a whole look deeper into the issues of migration and refugees and the Social Responsibility Commission will be a full part of this process. We have worked jointly with the Authorised Ministries Commission to produce a series of Bible Studies exploring issues of migration through bible stories. We are seeking to work with the District to Produce a physical and online exhibition that tells the stories of our District members who have migrated. We are currently supporting the Croydon Circuit as they discern how to serve those who have to travel to attend Luna House to discuss their status.

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