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Continuing Development in Ministry

All ministers are expected to engage in further study as they seek to continue to develop their ministry. Grants are available from the District in order to fund these courses.


Funding continues to be available for ministers who are seeking to attend courses and other events to enable their continuing development.


Some grants towards fees for higher degrees are available from the Connexion, information about which can be found on the Methodist Website.

The Authorised Ministries Commission has combined the posts of CDIM Secretary and MDR Secretary, to enable a more joined up working of the two areas so that CDIM can be more closely linked to the outcome of the MDR process.

Please find attached below the current grant application form for Ministers who wish to seek funding to continue their development in ministry. 

For more information, please contact Faith Nyota, CDIM Secretary.

CDIM Grant Application form - for Ministers
CDIM Grant Application Form - for Lay People
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