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Guidance on Peer on peer Abuse from the Dept for Education

The DfE Advice produced in May 2018 is being revised, but is still useful.

Peer on Peer Abuse Toolkit by Farrer & Co

This toolkit produced in 2019 and under review still provides some useful information

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Toolkit from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

This toolkit is designed for parents, carers, family members and professionals, to help everyone play their part in keeping children safe.

It has links to useful information, resources, and support as well as practical tips to prevent harmful sexual behaviour and provide safe environments for families.

Modern slavery: how to identify and support victims

The Home Office has updated the statutory guidance on identifying and supporting victims of modern slavery for use on or after 1 April 2021. The guidance includes a section on child victims.

Cultural barriers to disclosing child sexual abuse: Podcast by Farrer & Co

In this podcast, Shehnal Amin from Farrer & Co speaks to Pragna Patel, Founding Member and Director of the Southall Black Sisters, who provides expert insight into what roadblocks and community expectations are keeping ethnic minority victims in abusive circumstances, and what educational efforts are necessary to affect change.

Depression, Self-harm and Suicide webinar

On 11 March, Dr Sophie Newton led a webinar on Depression, Self-harm and Suicide. Please find below a video Dr Newton has recently recorded about depression which provides a lot of self-help information.

Safeguarding Standing Orders Simplified

These leaflets are intended to be given to anyone who becomes involved in a safeguarding matter and provide an explanation of how the safeguarding process work in the Methodist Church in less legalistic terms that the standing orders do.

Everyone's Invited: Let's Talk by Farrer & Co

This Farrer Briefing focusses on the Everyone’s Invited website and the issue of Peer-on-Peer abuse within Education and highlights some resources.

Violence, Love and the Keys - Theology Everywhere

A blogpost by Charity Hamilton on 'Theology Everywhere' has the title 'Violence, Love and the Keys'. The subject is gender-based violence, and it touches on the case of Sarah Everard and the behaviour of some in the Methodist church.

Reflect and Respond Study Guide by the Methodist Church

‘Reflect and Respond’ is a four week study guide for small groups in churches.  Based on the four themes of ‘Our Calling’ it provides case study material, theological commentary and challenging questions. Highly commended by both the Secretary of Conference and the chair of the Safeguarding Committee it can be ordered from Methodist Publishing and is free.

Sibling Sexual Abuse

Whilst sexual abuse involving child siblings is thought to be the most common form of intra-familial child sexual abuse, and is an issue that most protection practitioners will encounter at some stage, understanding and dealing with sibling sexual abuse can be present significant challenges to professionals and families.

The dangers of Omegle

This BBC News item raises concerns for “Omegle” - an online chat platform which can pair the users with complete strangers in order to have virtual video chat. The site claims to be moderated - but has a reputation for unpredictable and shocking content.  'Warning: this article contains disturbing adult themes.'

Understanding online platforms for church safeguarding by Elliot Crippen

Watch this presentation by Elliot Crippen, Digital Communications Enabler for Yorkshire North and East Methodist District, to learn more about the online platforms that churches may be using.

Online Safeguarding and the Dark Web published by The Children's Society

The Children’s Society have published a guide to the dark web describing what it is, how young people might use it and what to do if you have safety concerns.

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