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Annual Safeguarding Review for circuits and churches

Dear Friends,


As of Thursday 14 June 2023, the Safeguarding Review form has been shared, by email, with Superintendents, Circuit Administrators and both Circuit and Church Safeguarding Officers. If you hold one of these roles and have not received the form, please contact Rachael (ADSO) for assistance. 

A guidance document has also been supplied to provide further information and assistance with completing this form. 

All those completing this review are advised that Part 1 must be completed and returned by Thursday 13 July, and Part Two by Thursday 31 August 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Are we able to view the forms in their entirety so we can easily share with others?

Yes. Please see the PDF versions of the forms below:

Is there a whistle-blowing policy template that we can use?

Yes, please find the template here.

Can I share the google form?

Yes this can be done by emailing it on.

Can I fill in the google form without an account

Yes, but in order to save it you will need to create an account.

How do I fill in the section/box that backs up the statement I have marked?

This section is the most important as it shows us how each church is following safeguarding guidelines. A detailed response is required in this section as follows: If you have selected the options of ‘not met’ or ‘partly met’, you must provide details on plans in place to meet or improve the current standard. If you have selected the option of ‘fully met’ you must provide detailed evidence of how your church is meeting this statement.

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