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A sabbatical is a gift from the Church to all presbyters and deacons, providing an opportunity to do something different which will inform and perhaps re-enthuse their ministry.


It is a three month break from the normal requirements of circuit life, separate from annual leave. Ministers may choose to study, travel or even undertake work in a discipline/context new to them.

For Methodist ministers, sabbaticals are compulsory and are to be taken every subsequent seven years of ministry. Ministers should be contacted by Dawn Downes, the District Sabbaticals Secretary, in the year before they are entitled to take one. To contact Dawn please email the District Office


Further information about Sabbaticals and the necessary forms and documents can be found on the Sabbaticals page of the Methodist Church website.

The District Sabbaticals Reflection form is available to download below.

If you require further information, please contact the District Office.

Exciting Sabbaticals

Ministers from across the District have done some amazing things during their sabbaticals. Click on the links below for a few examples.

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