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Advanced Module Safeguarding Training:

Online version

The Advanced Module is designed to consolidate and develop the learning gained from the Foundation Module. 

Whilst everyone is welcome to undertake the Advanced Module, it is a mandatory requirement for certain positions and roles within the church. For a detailed list of these roles, please view the Required Attendance List

The course is facilitated by the District and can be run both online and face to face. The information on this page pertains solely to the online version of this course. Please click here to learn more about the face to face version.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

The online edition of this course is comprised of two elements:

1. Online e-learning to be completed on the MCBX platform

Participants are required to complete online modules via the MCBX platform. This is an online learning platform for all Methodist online training. Participants must register via the link below. They will then be provided with access to the online modules which can be worked through at the individual learner's own pace. Whilst there is no time limit set for the completion of the modules, it is expected that they will be completed in no more than four weeks. Once these modules have been completed, participants will be able to move on to the next step, and attend a Gathered Session.

2. Attendance at the 'Gathered Session' led by a District safeguarding trainer

After completion of the online modules, participants will be expected to attend a Gathered Session. This is an online discussion group, where participants will discuss their learning and the case studies with a District safeguarding trainer. The sessions will be held on Zoom and are limited to 21 participants to ensure effective discussions.

Please do not sign up for a gathered session until you have completed the online modules.

When signing up for the Advanced Module, please be sure to include the title and date of the most recent training you have undertaken (either the FM or AM).

A full list of dates and times for the gathered sessions, as well as the registration form can be accessed below. 

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