As Methodists, the pursuit of a diligent prayer life that enables one to inculcate the holy habit towards scriptural holiness is central to our daily devotional time and discipleship formation. Various resources are offered in print or digital media. We encourage people within all spheres of our London Methodist District to do nothing without committing it to prayer. Personal as well as corporate prayer life is highly encouraged and resourced both here on the District Website, as well as on the Methodist Church of Britain website.


Daily devotionals centred around prayer are on offer and the District and Circuits periodically offer retreats and other resources that enable us to fulfil one of the pillars of our calling to a deepened spirituality that is immersed in prayer. 

With prayer at the heart of the District, the London District Chairs submit to you a weekly prayer, giving praise and offering strength in times of need.

Each year, the District invites its Circuits, committees and commissions to submit a prayer towards the creation of an annual prayer handbook. 

The Prayer Handbook provides a new prayer for each week and represents one of the many ways in which we, as a District, can reflect and commend the lives and plans of our churches to God. 

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