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Thy Kingdom Come 2020
- How to get involved

Thursday 21 May (Ascension Day) marks the start of Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement which encourages Christians across the world to pray for each other and for more people to come to know Jesus.

Coronavirus and social distancing has meant that the in-person elements of Thy Kingdom Come can't take place, but there are so many more ways to get involved, either individually or within your new 'virtual' churches.

The TKC team got in touch to let us know of some of the great ways in which you can get involved. Here's what they had to say:

Thy Kingdom Come App:

The award-winning Thy Kingdom Come app is now live and can be found free to download on both Android and Apple devices. It is packed with daily videos, Bible readings, prayers and reflections from the Methodist Youth President Thelma Commey, podcasts from Professor NT Wright and a space to help you pray for 5 daily.

In these times where we cannot gather, we hope that we can feel a sense of unity by using the app together and sharing the daily material with those who may not be able to access it.

For those who may wish to receive the email instead, they can sign up here and help us light up the world by doing so!

24-7 Prayer in the Upper Room

If you or your church are considering a time of continuous prayer why not sign up to be part of our Upper Room of prayer hosted by 24-7 Prayer.

Inspired by the Upper Room in Acts 1 & 2, this is a 24/7 virtual prayer room, where your church can sign up and participate between Ascension to Pentecost. Why not try this is fresh and new way to pray Thy Kingdom Come this year? Join the Upper Room here.


Don’t forget we have plenty of digital resources available including:

  • Jesus Loves All - Prayer Journal by Methodist Youth President Thelma Commey

(download a copy here or order a hard copy here)

Worship resources:

We have also collated many ecumenical resources for use in worship throughout Thy Kingdom Come, including songs, hymns and sermons, all of which can be included in your own online worship. This includes orders of service for both Ascension and Pentecost services. They can be accessed here.


Please also keep an eye on the TKC page of the Methodist Church’s website where we hope to host the daily images for Thy Kingdom Come which you can download and share on your own church social media pages.

Prayer Q&A – Thursday 21st May:

A recent study from Tearfund revealed that 1 in 20 people, who have never prayed before, are turning to prayer during Lockdown. So what is prayer and how do we get started? The Archbishop of Canterbury will be joining us live on Thy Kingdom Come’s Facebook Page on Thursday at 11am to share his own personal experience with prayer and to answer any questions you may have on prayer. Do share this with others so they can join in as well.

Social media resources:

Daily assets for use on church social media platforms / newsletters are available on the website. The reflections are based on the Prayer Journal by Methodist Youth President Thelma Commey. 

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