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The Revd Michaela Youngson

Michaela Youngson is a Methodist presbyter, currently serving as a Chair in the London District of the Methodist Church.  Michaela was President of the Methodist Conference 2018-19 and later this year will take up a new role as Assistant Secretary of the Methodist Conference and Connexional Ecumenical Officer for the Methodist Church.


She trained at Queen’s College, Birmingham, and her previous roles in the church include circuit ministry in Lancashire, and Ealing, as well as serving in the Connexional Team as Secretary for Spirituality and Pastoral Care. She has an MA in Spirituality, and is the author of two books, Making the Colours Sing (2005) and The Weaver, the Word and Wisdom: worshipping the triune God (2007). ​Michaela can often be heard on BBC Radio 2, when she offers a Pause for Thought on the Early Breakfast Show, or on BBC Radio 4, leading the Daily Service. In her spare time, she works with glass, fusing it to very high temperatures to make jewellery and art pieces.


(please note: Michaela rhymes with Delilah)



Additional details:


Lives in Wembley. Born in Cornwall, one of twin girls and a younger brother. Brought up in East Yorkshire.

Married with two grown up children.


Trustee of Making Herstory – working to end violence against women and girls


Member of the Faith Advisory Group of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Member of the Inter-religious Advisory Board of the Ozanne Foundation - working with religious organisations around the world to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender in order to celebrate the equality and diversity of all.

Work before ministry:

Commercial Apprentice at British Aerospace

PA for Methodist Association of Youth Clubs

PA in the Social Responsibility Division of the Methodist Church

PA for the Prescription Pricing Authority

Graphic Typesetter – Traidcraft plc

Special Events Coordinator – Traidcraft plc

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