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Pause for Thought

Pause for Thought, produced by BBC Radio 2, are a series of short podcasts featuring different contributors from a variety of faiths. These spiritual reflections offer listeners an opportunity to pause in their day.

Please find below links to Pause for Thoughts completed by various persons in the District.

For the complete archive of Pause for Thought, visit the BBC Website.

Revd Tony Miles


I believe in a God who stands by people.

Revd Michaela Youngson


True holiness is not about a life separated from reality

Revd Michaela Youngson


Tears may linger in the night but that joy comes with the morning.

Revd Michaela Youngson


Those who the world sees as foolish and powerless are often those who can speak truth.

Revd Michaela Youngson


"Christians believe that God wants everyone to have fullness of life."

Inderjit Bhogal


"Sharing bread is an act of love and inclusion, a sign of respect for the people around you."

Inderjit Bhogal


'Books take me to places I cannot visit, and to people I cannot see.'

Inderjit Bhogal


'Who I am is more than where I come from.'

Inderjit Bhogal


'Temptation is about going against rules.'

Revd Michaela Youngson


'I believe that the big decisions and small choices that we make every day shape us.'

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