The Spirit of the living God moves in the Church and through the world today.

Holy God, in this season of Pentecost, may the Church glisten with the activity of your Spirit; may we, your people, receive the gifts of your Spirit and work in your world to share them with all.

If our work seems dull or duty bound, remind us of the joy of those early followers of Jesus, whose lives were transformed at Pentecost.

If our worship seems dry or lacking in depth, remind us of the praises of your early Church, that inspired your people to acts of mission and service.

If our world seems unjust and uncaring, remind us that you anoint us, through Christ, to bring good news to the poor.

Bless us today, that we might be more aware of your Spirit at work in our lives, in the church and in the world.

For the sake of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Spirit.


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