Holy Week

Updated: Apr 14

Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Loving God As we remember Jesus sharing bread and wine with his disciples may we live as people of generous hospitality, sharing what we have with a hungry and broken world.

As we remember Jesus’ time of struggle and prayer in the garden may we live as people of prayer and obedience, ready to answer God’s call in our own lives.

As we remember Jesus’ arrest and unjust trial may we live as people who demand justice and mercy for all, working for peace and advocating for those with no power.

Bless us as we prepare to travel the road to Calvary, with Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Good Friday

God of love

as we look in horror and awe upon the cross today, remind us that you share in the suffering of the world, that you, too, look in horror as lives are destroyed by conflict,

hunger and poverty.

Help us to live as your people, not rooted to the spot in our grief but ready to move from this place into a world waiting for good news of new life, healing and restoration.

Bless us as we do the work of Christ in your world today.


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