Ever-living God,

the Alpha and Omega,

the beginning and the end of the story.

Ever-present God,

you hear each story being told in this great city now.

Grant us grace to listen

to the stories which surround us day by day;

in our communities, in our workplaces, among our friends and family.

Grant us compassion to respond to what we hear;

to share in the joys and pleasures of life,

to share in carrying the burdens, of sorrow, of isolation, of need and vulnerability.

May we offer hope, as responding to the gospel,

we draw together the threads of the stories we hear and the gospel story,

in word and action,

in prayer and worship,

in relationship with you, with our neighbour and with those as yet the stranger to us.

Help us, we pray to write our story with love and grace.



1. For the churches in the Clapham Circuit; Stockwell, Springfield and Clapham as we pray for God’s guidance for our continuing work and witness.

2. For the blessing of the children and young people in the circuit, for our developing work with them and with elders.

3. For the Night Hub at Clapham Methodist Church, providing a safe space for those who become vulnerable while enjoying the nightlife in Clapham; for those working in the night-time economy including the Police, Ambulance Service, Licensing Officers and Street Wardens; for the Hub Co-ordinator and Hub Hosts (volunteers), the members of the medical team and security provided via the Business Improvement District (BID), the Lambeth Street Pastors – for safety, strength and grace in the work they do.

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