City Road

God of pavement, sky, and earth, bless the corners and side streets in which we work. Bless those without contactless cash; bless those who work nights and shifts. Bless those who live without papers or permission; bless the money rich and time poor. Build your kingdom in this place, and guide all people in your service.

Thank you for the heritage of Susanna, John, and Charles: may their legacy goad our conscience and free our spirits. Thank you for the visitors and pilgrims to Wesley’s Chapel, and help us welcome to all. Thank you for the gifts of prophecy, faith, and love among your people gathered here: may your young see visions, and your old dream dreams.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


1. For the mission and ministry of Wesley’s Chapel

2. For the new initiatives and Chapel Voluntary community

3. For safekeeping and journey mercy for all who visit as pilgrims to this place, and the peace of the City of London

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