Christmas Prayer

God of love, Your promise turns into reality in the cry of a tiny child. The Word made flesh dwells with us and we rejoice.

In a world that still longs for peace, yet creates war, you return as the Prince of Peace, help us to live as those who grow the seeds of love into a harvest of grace and peace, that your people and all creation can flourish.

In a world that looks for the quick fix, remind us that your Son was with you at the very beginning, you bided your time and waited until the moment of grace. Mary carried Jesus, waiting, watching and longing; help us to have patience as we carry your word. The wise ones travelled on long journeys, following an ancient star; help us to be prepared to travel to uncomfortable places for your sake.

In this season of light and dark, woven together in mystery, we offer you our praise.

Help us to sing with the angels, to share our feasts with the hungry and to reflect the Christ light in all we do. Amen.

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