Barnet and Queensbury Circuit

Waken the B&Q Circuit, O Lord,

Open our eyes to your glory

Open our ears to your story

Open ours hearts to your fire

Open our wills to your desire

Waken the B&Q Circuit us, O Lord,

To your risen power

To your Presence every hour

To your never-ending love

To your coming from above.

Waken the B&Q Circuit , O Lord,

To your peace here today

To your meeting in the way

To your speaking in a friend

To your guiding to the end,

Waken us, O Lord to your glory

- (adapted , from David Adam’s book , ‘Landscapes of Light’- with permission of SPCK)


1. Circuit Review: Ask for guidance and commitment as each Church is encouraged to develop a Mission Action Plan (M.A.P)

2. Ministry: For wisdom and a response to God’s call as the Circuit Leadership changes over the next two years both for Presbyters and Circuit Stewards.

3. Talking Jesus: We ask that each church seeks to use this Evangelism Teaching Course in creative ways to give them more confidence in sharing their faith.

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