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A New Dawn of Political Change

We share with you an article written by Margaret Greer, a conference rep, Deputy Mayor and Councillor, as she reflects on the Methodist Conference and the country's new political landscape.

Please do note that the thoughts and words contained in this article belong to Margaret Greer and are not a reflection of the political views of the London District of the Methodist Church, or the Methodist Church as a whole.

By Cllr Margaret Greer (Methodist representative/Deputy Mayor/National Officer)

“A positive era of growth and justice is now set to begin in Great Britain, promising beneficial outcomes for all of Europe. Attending the Methodist Conference from June 29th to July 3rd, 2024, was a true blessing. The days were filled with uplifting worship and meaningful discussions on global community issues.


Waking up on Friday, July 5th, to the news of a newly elected Labour Government marks a new dawn of political change. What does this mean for the challenges ahead?


As 1 John 5:4 states, "We are overcomers for whatsoever is born of GOD overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." Today, I feel a renewed hope that we shall overcome. That hope, long absent, is restored with Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer's election. Justice, peace, and solidarity will be the foundation of Great Britain, with the mantra "Country first, party second" guiding service to the people.


In our faith, we must urge world leaders to find political solutions to the crises in Gaza and Ukraine, to end the violence, achieve reconciliation, secure the return of hostages, and establish a two-state solution. The Methodist Church’s interventions in these matters will impact our communities significantly. As a justice-seeking church, we believe in treating everyone with respect and compassion, regardless of race or creed.


Europe is changing, with the rise of the far right threatening our nations. We must resist this and face the challenges with courage, purpose, and direction, grounded in our Christian faith. Together, we can advance God’s work through social justice projects and nurture the spiritual growth of our communities.


Our calling in the Methodist Church is clear: we must shift from "doing to people" to "being with people." This change will highlight the importance of solidarity and community. By uniting diverse groups with a shared vision for change, we can make a significant difference. In my role as a councillor, political engagement to end injustice, inequality, and poverty has been my life’s work.


I now envision a UK where people have hope for a better tomorrow, holding onto the belief that God is always at work, seeking life in all its fullness for everyone. Ending injustices and poverty is not just a social imperative; it is a spiritual one, grounded in faith that God is never sleeping. As we move forward, let us embody the spirit of justice, compassion, and fairness, standing in solidarity with those in need. Together, we can turn the tide toward a brighter, more equitable future.”


Kind regards

Cllr Margaret Greer

Deputy Mayor/National Officer

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