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Contribute a prayer to the Methodist Prayer Handbook 2019/20: Responding to the Gospel

Would you like to contribute a prayer to the Methodist Prayer Handbook?


The theme for the next Methodist Prayer Handbook is inspired by Our Calling . It will explore how we are called to respond to the gospel by demonstrating God’s love, grace and generosity.


Our response should involve action as well as prayer and we are strengthened when we work in partnership with followers of Christ locally, nationally and internationally. The ‘gospel’ is understood in its broadest sense and includes the whole arc of the biblical narrative and beyond.


The Editor would also welcome prayers for the general pages at the front of the Handbook on these themes:

  • the integrity of creation

  • the comforting presence of God

  • justice

  • adoration and thanksgiving

  • confession

  • times of life

  • times of day


Prayers should not exceed 120 words and should be emailed here by 11 January 2019. 


Please do send any photos (your own copyright) to help to bring your prayer to life or that capture the work of the Methodist Church, either in this country or around the world. Photos should be emailed to the above address and should be sent in their original size.

(Please note, if your photo includes other people, you will need their consent for it to be published in the handbook). 


For full details please visit: Methodist Prayer Handbook submission guidelines

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