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Encounter Programme 
2020 Entry

What is Encounter?

Encounter is a programme of exploration into discipleship and vocation developed and run by the Methodist Church. It aims to help people to know themselves better, develop a deeper relationship with God, identify their gifts and discern who and how they are to be in the world, including exploring various possibilities for service.

Encounter helps people to reflect on their journey to see where God has called them in the past and may be calling them now. Together with others you will reflect on what you already do as a follower of Christ, share and reflect on some new experiences and learn more about the Christian faith.

All Encounter programmes have four main aims, which are to help explorers:

  • reflect on their own story and calling to see where God has called them and may be calling them now

  • reflect on what they already do as a follower of Christ and to create opportunities to experience and reflect on different forms of ministry

  • explore what it means to be Methodist

  • learn more about their faith, at a level appropriate to them


Who is Encounter for?

Encounter is designed to help people to develop a deeper understanding of the call from Jesus to ‘Follow me’. It provides an opportunity to consider the following questions:

  • What gifts and skills are God-given?

  • What does it mean for me to follow Jesus today?

  • What is my calling?

  • How does my church tradition help me to serve God today?

  • How am I Christian within and beyond my local church?

  • What part do I play in God’s mission?


Encounter is for Christians who have a desire to deepen their faith and increase their awareness of what being a Christian disciple means for their everyday lives and what God is calling them to be and do. Encounter aims to deepen understanding of vocation in a broad sense, exploring calling in your home and work context as well as possibilities for service in church and community settings.

What does Encounter involve?
The core part of Encounter revolves around monthly group meetings, usually held on an evening over a period of several months (up to a year). Sessions involve prayer, engagement with the Bible, discussion, guest speakers and time for reflection.

During the programme ‘explorers’ will also meet regularly with an Encounter Accompanist to discuss and reflect on how they are growing in their relationship with God and discerning your unique calling in the world.

When does the programme run?

Session One (Intro)

  • Saturday 28 November 2020 | 11am - 1pm

Session Two

  • Wednesday 02 December 2020 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Three

  • Wednesday 06 January 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Four

  • Wednesday 03 February 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Five

  • Wednesday 03 March 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Six

  • Wednesday 24 March 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Seven 

  • Wednesday 21 April 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Eight

  • Wednesday 19 May 2021 | 7pm - 9pm

Session Nine

  • Saturday 12 June 2021 | 10am - 3.30pm

The programme will run online but should the situation change and there is an opportunity to meet, the location will be reviewed.

If you are interested, please contact Sharon Nugent of the Learning Network, or Revd John Hayes (Tower Hamlets) to register. Registration must be made by Friday 13 November


You are welcome to download the flyer (version one or version two) to share with those that may be interested. 

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