Stationing is at the heart of who we are as a Connexional Church. During each Connexional year, ministers and Circuits explore with each other opportunities for mission and ministry within their local context. The District Chairs will meet with Circuits and ministers annually to engage in conversation about the needs and wishes for that ministry. 

Each circuit is expected to have an invitation committee to oversee their stationing process. The processes to be followed for the stationing of ministers will be made available to Circuit Stewards and others who need them through annual training sessions, which will give you the opportunity for full discussion of responsibilities and appropriate ways of carrying them out. 

**Invitations and Stationing Training

Ministers and circuits going through stationing in the forthcoming Connexional year, are invited to attend one of two scheduled training sessions. We strongly encourage church stewards (from where the minister has pastoral oversight) to attend. Please choose your session below to register.

Invitations and Stationing Training | Wednesday 21 April | 6pm - 8pm


Invitations and Stationing Training | Thursday 29 April 2021 | 2pm - 4pm

Please download any and all of the documents below to help you as you go through the stationing process. If you require further assistance, or have any questions, please contact the District Office.

Summary of the Invitation and Stationing Process 2022 (.pdf)

Code of Practice Changes 2022 (.pdf)

Stationing Visits - Covid-19 (Additional Guidance) (.pdf)

Initial Stationing Application 2022 | Probationer Presbyter (.doc)

Initial Stationing Application 2022 | Presbyter of another church or conference (.doc)

Profile forms for Presbyters 2022 (.doc)

Circuit Profile Presbyteral 2022 (.doc)

Profile forms for Deacons 2022 (.doc)

Circuit Profile Diaconal 2022 (.doc)