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Growing range of Zoom scams to be aware of.

The range of Zoom scams in operation is growing and churches are urged to be aware so that they are able to protect those that may be vulnerable to such scams.

One scam that is being experienced is explained below:

Did you know Zoom had voicemail - apparently it does.

BUT... If you receive a text message saying you have a Zoom voicemail be careful. This is likely to be something like:

"you have a Zoom voicemail from..." and giving a name i.e. 'Janet44'.

If you are told to ring a telephone number starting with "09” do not do it - '09' means that you will pay exorbitant charges per minute.

Given the increase of people using Zoom to access church activities, please ensure those who are more vulnerable or not as 'tech savvy' are aware and not conned into dialling an 09 number.

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