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Safeguarding and Data Protection

To assist with and ensure standardisation of paperwork and procedures across the District, please see below a number of forms and templates. Usage of the below will also be useful when completing audits. 

GDPR and Safeguarding, the Easy Way 

Frequently Asked Questions

Safeguarding Training Privacy Notice 

DBS Verifier Privacy Notice

Safeguarding Form A, Part 1
Registration form for voluntary workers with children, young people and vulnerable adults

Safeguarding Form D

Keyholder Declaration

Safeguarding Risk Assessment Privacy Notice (Subject)

Safeguarding Concern Privacy Notice (Subject of Concern)

Safeguarding Concern Privacy Notice (Contributor or Reporting Person)

Safeguarding Risk Assessment Privacy Notice (Contributor)

Safeguarding for Trustees

A guide on the safeguarding responsibilities for charity trustees

Briefing  Sheet on Character References

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