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Croydon Circuit - Prayers from the District

Sunday 18 July 2021

Dear Father, we have been caught in a storm but we give thanks that through this we have learnt new ways of worshipping and helping others in need. We give thanks for all those who have been supporting those whose health has been affected by the pandemic, the homeless, those we have come to recognise are suffering inequality, including access to health care, poor housing and food poverty. We give thanks that we have created a closer relationship with other Circuits, denominations and faiths to support all those in need. Amen.

The Croydon Circuit offer the following prayer requests:

  • Recognise our interconnectedness and need for good quality interactions to come together to solve problems resulting from the pandemic. Respond to the disparities and inequalities between individuals, families and communities exposed by the pandemic, looking beyond our immediate circle to consider the wellbeing of all God’s people.

  • For those throwing lifelines to those experiencing homelessness and food poverty. For those providing meals for the homeless at West Croydon and support for struggling families at Parchmore’s Food Stop. For the work of local Food Banks – especially The Vine at New Addington.

  • For the work of the Home Office in Croydon. For those who may find their identity and presence challenged when confronted with a daunting and mysterious system. We pray for staff administering a complex system subject to politically influenced change.

By Revd Stephen Day 

Croydon Circuit - 18 July 2021
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