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A Prayer from the Social Responsibility Commission (SRC)

Sunday 12 December 2021

God of compassion,

as we draw our attention towards UK National Workplace Day of Remembrance,

we pray for those who have lost their love once through service and sacrifice for our economy in the non-military sector.

As emotions swirl around,

sorrow mingles with release,

God of patience, bear their pain;

turn them back to life again.

God of generosity,

as we continue to experience the impact of the refugee crisis,

we pray for those entrusted with great power,
fill their thoughts and heart with generosity,

that they would see where they could make changes and enrich others who may be experiencing unemployment, poverty and displacement.

God of love,

we pray for ourselves,

that we too might use our faith to make a difference to our everyday living,
and become a sign of good news in our everyday lives.

God of healing,

we pray for those who are still bearing the consequence of Covid-19.

When all hope of health is past,

and distress cries out in pain,

grant the assurance that this suffering will not last.

God of healing, hold us near,

bring your calm and drive out fear. Amen


Please pray for:

For the SRC to be both a proactive and reactive commission as we seek to act upon the following priority areas: COVID related issues, the refugee crisis, affordable homes and social justice.

For our formal review process – particularly as we work to finalise our terms of reference and a workplan which will allow us to address as many social justice issues as possible with the degree of thoroughness, care and concern necessary.

For our effort to identify and empower the younger generation within our District to play a role in our work.

By Anthony Boateng,

Convenor of the Social Responsibility Commission

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