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Let us give thanks to

God, the Creator.

Whose image in Harlesden, London and elsewhere

is seen on the face of

such diverse population.

Immigrants, sojourners,

pilgrims seeking life

and life in its fullness.

Let us give thanks to

God, the Redeemer.

Whose sacrifice in Harlesden, London and elsewhere

is seen on the face of

those who use the food-bank.

Christ's continuous intercessions

answered in bread and vegetables.

Let us give thanks to

God, the Sustainer.

Whose inspiration in Harlesden, London and elsewhere

engenders understanding

and confronts street violence

sings a new humanity

happy with the different other

and learning of love.

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost

To Mother, Daughter and Dove

To the Rock of our salvation

to the Water of Life

To the Wind of change

Be celestial Glory

Be the honour of service

and the power of love. Amen.


1. Pray for the movement towards Brent becoming a Borough of Sanctuary for those who seek refugee. Pray for immigrants, sojourners so that their pilgrimage towards a better life may become a reality.

2. Pray for the Fresh Food Food Bank - attending between 80-100 families every week - giving thanks for all the support and love expressed in it.

3. Pray for peace in dense urban settings, for understanding and holding differences in honour and love.

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