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01 January 2018

Amongst the fireworks, news reviews and predictions of new year, some media outlets covered the case of the imprisonment of the former head teacher of St Benedict’s school in Ealing, West London. He had been convicted just before Christmas on charges of rape and other sexual offences against pupils.  He was also the abbot of Ealing Abbey.  In the press there was commentary from a victim about what it had been like to be a pupil at the school and the impact of the abuse he suffered on his life.

The victim stated that he felt that things were now better in schools and other institutions but that the safety nets now in place needed to be really strong to make sure that it never happened to anyone else again.  He also commented on the time it took to bring the head teacher to account.

‘Courage Cost and Hope’ was the title of the report of the Past Cases Review conducted by the Methodist Church between 2013 and 2015. It demonstrated the deep and lasting impact on survivors of church based abuse, and described what needed to be done to protect children and vulnerable adults involved in all aspects of church life.  It has set the tone for our own Church’s refreshed approach to safeguarding and is helping to shape what we do on a day by day basis. If you’ve not yet read the report you can access it here.

This website therefore aims to make sure that those who access the site can be assured that London District’s net is as strong as it can be, built around the three principles of effective policies, good quality training and safe recruitment to posts in the life of the church. Furthermore, when we hear about any case of abuse perpetrated within the church we will aim to act as quickly as we can to address the issues raised. 

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