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Positive Working Together

Positive Working Together outlines the commitment the Methodist Church is making over a number of years to respond to bullying, harassment and conflict following a report to Conference 2015. Place for Hope has been invited to offer training input to equip skilled leaders firstly, in core aspects of conflict and ways to respond, and secondly in a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power, bullying and harassment.


There are four different training resources available.

  1. Shared Commitments: a half day training programme for small groups or Church Councils. 

    • To explore good working relationships in the Church.

    • To look at effect ways of managing conflict in the Church.

  2. Growing through Conflict: a day training course for ministers, stewards and other leaders in the church.

    • To consider your ‘conflict style’ and how you respond in difficult or tense situations.    

    • To explore how conflict escalates in a church context and begin to consider some tools to de-escalate conflict.

  3. Bullying & Harassment: a day training course for ministers, stewards and other leaders in the church. 

    • Understanding the dynamics of bullying and harassment and exploring ways of responding with dignity and respect

  4. Intermediate Mediation training: 6 days residential course for those studying to become effective mediators in church situations. This course will also gain a certificate from Cliff College.

The Growing through Conflict and Bullying and Harassment days will be offered as centrally run days open to all during 2018. Publicity and booking arrangements will be available from Easter 2018.


Please contact Wendy Beard, Learning and Development Officer for the London Region, either by email or telephone (07799 900 458), if you wish for more information on any of the above courses.

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