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We are looking for young people to be part of the Woven Lent Course

The Woven themed Lent course for 2022, will be a series of video’s hearing stories of the Cross, of darkness, hope together and of the resurrection people found during the pandemic.

As such we are seeking young people to be interviewed, these videos will then be put onto DVD’s and available for all churches in London to use for their Lent services and small groups.

We are looking for submissions in two age brackets: 16-18 and a young adult (19-23).

The questions asked would be slightly tailored to the story of the interviewee, which our Woven co-ordinator Joanna, would talk about with them beforehand, but these are the sorts of questions:

  • What did you gain?

  • Were there times where God felt absent, but looking back you can see “footprints in the sand”?

  • What has reconnection been like again?

  • Where is the cross for you in this?

  • Where do you see resurrection hope in this?

  • Any further reflections?

We would need an overview of the stories/situations of the potential interviewees, based on the above questions and then two young people will be chosen to be filmed.

If you know of any young people who would be willing to be on camera and have a good story to tell for this, then please have a chat with them, going through the questions and putting together on overview of the stories.

For more information or an informal chat, please contact Brian Smith or Joanna Kelly.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 02 February 2022.

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