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Join the Safeguarding Team Virtual Office

All those who share an interest in safeguarding within the church are invited to join this Microsoft Teams virtual office. This includes, but is not limited to, church safeguarding officers and youth leaders​.

Initially the idea around this is to provide a network of support, but as we move forward this will become a useful hub of information, a place to share good working practices, ideas and general queries (no specific cases please).

Documents can be posted and 'pinned', video/telephone meetings can be held and potentially mini training sessions (this is still being explored).

Please read through the privacy policy as it will be Microsoft that 'owns' the data you input and not the District. There will be a link with the privacy policy when you go through the joining process.

Please note that the email address used to join will be visible to other members of the 'virtual office' who may be in a different circuit to your own. If you have recently joined and do not wish for your email address to be visible, please remove yourself from the group as there are no settings to counteract this.

If you feel this may be of interest to you, please email the Becky Skinner (District Safeguarding Officer).

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