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A prayer following the Streatham terror attack

Dear Friends,

It is with shock and sadness that, once more, we hear the news of a violent attack on members of the public in what police have declared a terror related incident. Our prayers and thoughts are with those who have been harmed and frightened in the attack in Streatham.  This is a wonderful and diverse city and we know that Londoners will again stand together and not be divided by actions of hate. Acts of courage by members of the public and our police and emergency services again show us the very best of humanity and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

A prayer

God of love,

we pray for all caught up in the incident at Streatham

for those who have been harmed and frightened,

that wounds will be healed and fears calmed.

We give thanks for the work of the police

and emergency services

and all who put themselves at risk for the safety of others.

We pray that Londoners will again find the strength, resolve and love to stand together against hate.

In the name of the Prince of Peace,

our Lord Jesus Christ,


Micky, Nigel, Jongi

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