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Weaving inspiration far and wide

We are delighted to have heard from Lesley Coles of Mount Charles Church in St Austell circuit, on the way in which the Woven project inspired their ministry. Read Lesley's words below.

I first read about Woven in the Methodist Prayer Handbook a couple of years ago. It ignited an idea, which I did a little sketch about in the Handbook, so every month I read the prayers on that date the idea grew. 

I belong to a House Group where we take it in turn to lead an evening of prayer, Bible study, discussion and our faith. We are "Woven together" through our shared love of Jesus and a desire to reach deeper into our faith together. When it was my turn to lead about a year ago I prepared strips of cloth and asked everyone to bring along their favourite or significant Bible verse. We talked about the significance to us, of those verses. During the evening, we wrote the verse we had chose onto a strip of cloth. I had also chosen silk, cotton and linen cloth in the colours used in the temple, listed in the Old Testament, cutting some strips of these. The strips were woven together. I later stitched them onto a fabric that looks like linen.

It is now one of our lectern hangings at Mount Charles Church in St.Austell circuit.

I thought that you may like to know how your ministry inspired something for our ministry.

Written by Lesley Coles

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