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You Said We Did

You Said. We Did.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the Weekly Update feedback survey. Your responses gave us much food for thought. Some of it was surprising, some expected and there were lots of ideas for development of the Update for us to add flesh to and make a reality. Overall it was a pretty mixed bag but here is an overview of what you said.​

The majority of our respondents told us that they would like more good news stories, more information on training opportunities and to know more about the various projects that are being undertaken around the District.​

You wanted more evangelism and more mission, to know more about the circuits we are praying for, and the organisations featured in Methodist Partners.​

The majority were happy with the day and time that the Weekly Update will be published but wanted less repetitive information. Some wanted less information on church events but most wanted more. ​This was great to hear; because it confirmed exactly what we want more of too.

We want to know and share, all that goes on in the various circuits that make up the energetic and vibrant place that is the London District. We want to hear about your successes, we want to share best practice; we want to know how circuits deal with problems, tackle property issues, and we even want to know about the things that have not gone quite so well.​

We want to know about your work in your community, how you transform churches en route to closure into places that do God’s work in other ways, and how you cope when churches in your circuits close.​

We want to know about your mission, your plans, how you tackle social justice and how we can all help partake in that.​

With this in mind, I’d like to tell you about some new impending features of the Weekly Update – ‘Tales from the District’, ‘Methodist Messages Podcasts’, ‘The Golden Nugget’ and ‘Under the Spotlight’.​

  • Tales from the District will be the home for all your good news stories, your plans, your successes and all that’s in between, so that we can walk with you on your journey in mission.​

  • Methodist Messages is a new podcast, where we talk to ministers across the district about matters within, and beyond, Methodism but with faith at its core.​

  • The Golden Nugget is where we share best practice. Something work well for you? Share it here.​

  • We will launch a new section called ‘Under the Spotlight’ where we will share some of the history and work that is done by both our Methodist Partners and our Ecumenical Partners, so you can gain more information about the organisations we support and work with.​

As with many things, there is a caveat to these plans. None of these projects will work without hearing from you: our readers, our ministers, our worship leaders, our stewards and congregation members. All of you.​

So talk to us. Tell us what you know and what you’re doing and we’ll do the rest. 

All ideas, suggestions, stories and everything else can be emailed to Martha at Or if you’d rather, call us on 020 7654 3850.

​If we work together we can get this off the ground and into the Weekly Update by mid-October.

So, what are you waiting for? Get emailing so we can get sharing.  ​

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