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Covid-19 Support Request Fund

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, these are difficult and challenging times. At the July 2020 meeting of the District Advance Fund (DAF) Committee it was agreed to set aside £200,000 to provide help and assistance to the district, circuits and churches.

The fund is now available and circuits and churches are, therefore, invited to complete the application form below, which must be signed by the Superintendent Minister.

The fund will be open initially for a period of 18 months. Applications can be made for help for items such as cleaning, PPE equipment and sanitiser, and help with audio-visual equipment (for worship purposes). Applications for other items/reasons are welcome.

Please note the following:

The maximum grant available will normally be £5,000. We recognise that the suggested limit per circuit may not cover everything, especially for those larger circuits. We have however, tried to be as flexible as possible. If you feel that your circuit needs more than the £5,000, please indicate this on your form as this will help the Chairs and District Treasurer.

It is expected that this fund will be accessed by circuits and churches in particular financial need. The fund amount is significant (£200,000), but demand may be great. Therefore, in order to focus resources effectively, circuits and churches should use their own available funds before making an application.

Wherever possible, please keep your support requests to one form for the whole circuit, rather than multiple forms per church. It is expected that CLTs (or an appropriate body) will discuss and assess the specific needs of the church(es) in order to submit a single coordinated application. This will help the application process considerably.4. The fund cannot be used to pay the Assessment.

All application forms must be signed by the Circuit Superintendent.

The fund will be operated on a first come first served basis and it is intended that applications will be considered swiftly so that monies can be released as soon as possible.

The fund will be administered by the District Chairs, the Synod Secretary and the District Treasurer.

Applications can still be made to the general DAF fund for the usual purposes.

All applications should be made via email and sent to the District Admin Team.

If you have any queries, please direct them to the District Admin Team in the first instance.

London District Covid-19 Support Request form
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