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'Moving Stories' 
A District Celebration Day

On Saturday 18 May 2019, the London District of the Methodist Church celebrated the culmination of 'Moving Stories', its two-year project on migration. 

Hosted by Revd Nigel Cowgill, we welcomed the award winning author of 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Rauf and heard her speak on migration and the plight of refugees; we heard from Revd Michaela Youngson, President of the Methodist Conference and Graeme Hodge from All We Can.

Vice President of the Methodist Conference, Bala Gnanapragasam spoke to Revd Jongi Zihle about his experiences of migration; and the sounds of the Nigerian Fellowship Choir, EdenSong Choir and the Susanna Wesley Auxiliary Choir helped make the day that much more memorable. 

We've captured it all, in sounds and images - just click on the links below:

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