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Boycott your Bed and raise money for Action for Children

On Friday 21 August 2020, Action for Children is asking you to join forces with family, friends or colleagues to raise money and spend the night in the most unusual place in your home.

99% of Action for Children’s services have remained opened throughout the coronavirus crisis. So far, they've supported over 6,000 children and young people during the crisis by helping families pay for basic essentials.

Kaycie-Mai and Chiara are a brilliant example of where Action for Children have helped - they were facing lockdown without a comfortable place to sleep and work as they had outgrown their beds and had no space to do their schoolwork from home.  The charity was able to surprise them with a delivery of two new beds with desk space underneath - a comfortable place to sleep and practical place to study.

Over the last few months, Action for Children has seen a surge in demand for their services. Now more than ever, they need help to reach even more families that are struggling to make ends and by taking part in Boycott your Bed, you can help them support these families.

You can choose to take part your own way – whether that’s roughing it in the garden, pitching a tent under your table, or bunking down in the bathroom. There'll be virtual entertainment and fundraising fun on the night, too, bringing homes together across the UK. All you need is your smart phone, tablet or computer and internet access.

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