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Woven - A Lent Course

Six session Lent course written by Revd Michaela Youngson, London District Chair.

We are delighted to bring to you this year's Lent Course, ‘Woven – A Lent Course’, a component of the District's theme for 2019-2021.


As people of faith we know that our story and God’s story are woven together, not because we wish it to be so but because God is interested in the smallest detail of our lives. The God who knit us together in our mothers’ wombs is the same God who knows the number of hairs on our heads and who loved us and the whole world enough to send Jesus to show us the way of love.


Lent is a season during which we reflect on our personal relationship with God and on every Christian’s responsibility to engage with the world as it is. We notice again God’s prompting to move on from personal reflection, through shared study, towards lives of love in action. We remember that Jesus travelled a journey from his baptism, through the wilderness and beyond, to a ministry of teaching and healing, of challenging injustice and of holding the powerful to account. We will remember the cost that Jesus paid for standing up for those who were most vulnerable and we will look towards the eternal hope that lies beyond the sacrifice.

How to get your copy:

The Lent course is now available to download. Click the download button to get your copy.

Course Flyer

You may wish to promote the course amongst your various church groups. To assist you with doing so we have created an editable course flyer for your use.

Let us know what you think

We'd love to hear your comments, feedback or reflections on this course. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of future courses. Click here to give us your feedback.

Companion Guide for Parents, Carers and Youth and Children's Workers

This companion guide works designed to be used for online meetings, goes hand in hand with the Woven Lent Course and therefore you should have them both to hand when using the material with children and young people. This downloadable resource is designed to help churches, circuits, parents and children’s and youth groups to engage with Lent and Woven.


Each of the six sessions includes:


  • Begins with the same Lenten prayer, which can be found in the Woven Lent course.

  • Then you will find two ice breaker style activities (you can choose the most suitable one to use with your group).

  • Then we have recommended a few options for alternative versions of the bible to read the passage from, these include the message version and the Jesus Storybook Bible.

  • After reading the passage there are some questions to help the children and/or young people to engage with the text, remember where using questions with children and young people, it is not about imparting knowledge or checking they have been paying attention, the questions allowing them to see how the passage can be applied to their own lives.


  • After the time of discussion, there is an opportunity to consider if there are any actions that you might want to take as individuals or as a group. This is not to pressure children or young people but to encourage an engagement with scripture which allows it to inform who we are and the way we live our lives as God’s people in the world. 

  • Each session ends with a craft and/or game activity. Which offers a creative way of embedding the session into the consciousness of the children and/or young people. Each session the closes with a creative prayer activity.

Download the guides please click here.

Session One:

  • Into the Wilderness 

Session Two: 

  • On the Mountain Top 

Session Three:

  • Turning the Tables 

Session Four:

  • No Condemnation 

Session Five:

  • A Grain of Wheat 

Session Six:

  • Passion: Anointing & Betrayal 

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