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Lent Resources

Woven: A Lent Course

Lent is a season during which we reflect on our personal relationship with God and on every Christian’s responsibility to engage with the world as it is. We notice again God’s prompting to move on from personal reflection, through shared study, towards lives of love in action. We remember that Jesus travelled a journey from his baptism, through the wilderness and beyond, to a ministry of teaching and healing, of challenging injustice and of holding the powerful to account. We will remember the cost that Jesus paid for standing up for those who were most vulnerable and we will look towards the eternal hope that lies beyond the sacrifice.

No Borders to God's Love

Many churches support people who have come to the UK in search of sanctuary. Use the Easter Offering 2023 dedication service to consider welcome and hospitality, especially to people who are displaced and forced to migrate.

Sanctuary: The Hospitality of Host, Guest and Stranger

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal and Dr Jayme R Reaves have produced a resource titled Sanctuary: The Hospitality of Host, Guest and Stranger. It aims to support individual Christians, Church communities and ecumenical groups in reflecting on the significance of sanctuary for our times, and to give expression through prayer and witness to the centrality of sanctuary and hospitality to the stranger in the Christian call to love our neighbours.

Hope through Darkness

Hope through Darkness is a Lent resource featuring a series of conversations from across the District, sharing reflections from life during the pandemic.

Be Transformed

This year, Be Transformed is an exciting new resource to take you on your Lenten journey, as you hear the stories of how our unique partnership approach is transforming communities worldwide.

Life on the Breadline

This Lent course has been developed from the 3 years of Life on the Breadline research as a result of engaging with Church leaders, Christians, and community groups across the UK.

The course has 6 sessions which can be followed individually or in a group. Each session follows the same format which is planned to take an hour – combining prayer, a short video, a Bible passage, guided reflections, discussion questions, and take-away actions.

Living Lent Hopefully

The resource will feature audio reflections and sets of bible notes with accompanying questions for each week (following 1st Sunday of Lent through to 5th). It is designed to provide material that individuals can use as part of their regular devotions or to facilitate conversations in a home group. The Bible notes have been created by Queen’s tutors and the reflections come from tutors and friends of Queen’s such as Rev Trey Hall and Dr Rosalee Velloso Ewell.

Just Economics

What should the goal of the economy be? Why isn’t our current system enabling people to flourish, especially as the cost of living crisis bites? Could a change in approach help us solve the climate crisis? What does our Christian faith have to say about the economy?

JPIT have produced a six-week small group course, opening up some of these questions and starting a conversation about how the economy might be re-shaped to enable the wellbeing of all people and the planet.

Living Lent

Become part of a community who will respond to the call to climate action by making significant personal commitments to changing our lifestyles for the climate.

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