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Lay Workers Support Group

All Lay Employees in the London District are invited to belong to the Lay Workers support group. These include Youth Workers, Children's workers, Family workers, Pastoral workers, Missioners, Business Managers, Community workers, Outreach workers, and more! Paid and unpaid are all welcome.

The group meets every two months at Wesley's Chapel from 12 until 4 as a drop-in session. We bring our lunch and something extra to share. We share our work practice, stresses and celebrations together and pray together. Sometimes we have special input from speakers. Look on the website or Weekly Update for the next date.

Every year in December there is also a Lay Employee Day Conference, paid for by the District, which includes elements of training and retreat.

Brian Smith (Youth & Children's Coordinator) and Jessica Dalton (Learning & Development Officer) also send out useful information and news in regular emails to the group.

If you wish to join, please email Brian Smith.

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