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Language and Culture Specific Fellowships

One of the most heart-warming things about London Methodism is the diversity of its people, reflecting the numerous ethnic backgrounds and cultures that make up London.


The diversity within the District allows for a union of world spiritualties’ that are Methodist in identity to co-exist as well as influence one another in positive ways that continue to grow the church in the greater London area. Language and Culture Specific Fellowships form a huge inter-spirituality cohort that continually feeds, encourages and enriches our church with more than just diversity but also learnings that yield to a glimpse of the heavenly community here on earth, thereby opening all to have a sense of what it’s like ‘when heaven touches earth’.


Our commitment to grow the church in a way that helps make cultural and ethnic spiritual sense to all people is immensely enhanced by the presence and operation of various language specific Fellowships. For more information on each, please contact the District Office.

  • Chinese Fellowships at Epsom and Kings Cross

  • Filipino Fellowship

  • Ghanaian Fellowship

  • Zimbabwean Fellowship

  • Urdu Fellowship

  • Tamil Group at Wallington

  • Korean Christian Group

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