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The Cost
of Living Crisis

2022 has been a year characterised by the spiralling costs of food and energy. Since March the price of energy has risen significantly leaving many people across the country having to face the very real decision of choosing between eating and heating their homes.

Families and individuals already on the breadline are being pushed further into poverty and in-work poverty has become a reality for more and more people. 

Add rising inflation, interest rates creeping upwards and wage stagnation leading to lower incomes in real terms; and the extent of the crisis becomes starkly clear.  

In September 2022, the President and Vice President of the Methodist Church, along with over 50 other faith and charity leaders, and organisations, called on the government to prioritise support for the poorest members of society as the cost of living continues to rise and more people suffer. You can read their letter here.

In addition both the President and the Vice-President have joined calls for the government to provide free school meals to primary school children.
So, what can we do locally within our own contexts to support the people around us who may be in need; and indeed to support our churches where the increase in the cost of energy is also being felt?

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The District Response to the Cost of Living Crisis

On Thursday 13 October, the District hosted a panel discussion into the cost of living crisis and what churches can do to help.


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Support from churches

Many churches across London are offering some form of support to people in need; whether it be directly or in partnership with another organisation. Find out what is in your local area here.

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Warm Welcome Campaign

The Warm Welcome Campaign is on a mission to 'support organisations to open their doors and provide a warm welcome for those struggling to heat their homes this winter.'


Helping Hands

Support agencies and organisations

There are a number of agencies and organisations who can assist people who are experiencing hardships.


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Report into the Cost of Living Crisis

A briefing from the Joint Public Issues Team of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.


A Better Tomorrow

Demonstrations and Direct Action

Get involved in national campaigns and demonstrations to bring about a change in the cost of living crisis.



Churches across London offer many types of support for local people.

In the current climate, many are opening their doors to offer a warm space.

Find out more about your local church. 

Offering a warm space

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