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The Big Questions: The Revd Gareth Powell

The Revd Gareth Powell was appointed Secretary of the Methodist Conference in 2015.  He holds one of the three most senior roles in the British Methodist Church.

In particular, Gareth is responsible for ensuring that the Church has structures and processes that enable the Conference, other connexional bodies, districts, circuits, and local churches to develop the Methodist Church's vision of unity, mission, evangelism, and worship, and develop strategic management.

Find below Gareth's answers to some of our questions!

Name: Gareth Powell

Selfie in words: As the Secretary of the Methodist Conference, there’s a Standing Order that helpfully describes my role for me – SO 114 , if you’re interested!

What’s your faith background? I was shaped by local Methodism in South Wales: challenging preaching, serious engagement with society, and hymns that spoke of the love of God.

Unusual talent? Being in six places at once (or trying to be, at least!).


Three things still on your bucket list: Design a garden from scratch – with a large budget, learn to play the piano, to have a more generous spirit.


Any strange phobias? Weak tea in cold church crockery!

From across all history which three people would you invite for dinner and why? 

  • Susanna Wesley, so I could ask about her pattern for the domestic church in which she nurtured her children.

  • Martha (of Mary and Martha!), so I could hear her story from her perspective.

  • St Thomas Aquinas   - to enjoy the presence of such a broader thinker.

But hopefully there would be a larger table available for more guests!

What keeps you believing in God? God’s mercy coupled with the glory of creation and the potential for constant exploration.


Who has inspired you most on your faith journey and why? I’ve been influenced by some deeply faithful people. When I was 18, I met a Methodist minister who taught me to think and that multi-disciplinary inquiry about God and the world is the essence of our faith. His influence shapes my ministry.


What springs to mind when you think of Methodists? And a community raised up by God to spread scriptural holiness throughout the land, and whose calling to do so is as strong as ever – if we only have the confidence and the imagination to heed it.


What’s your advice for the church in 2018? Be joyful and keep the faith.

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