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Design a Chapel competition with Wesley's Chapel

This October half-term, the lovely team down at Wesley's Chapel are asking your children to get creative a design a chapel. Here's what they had to say

As we won’t be able to have our usual re-enactment day this October half-term, we’re asking you to get creative at home and have a go at recreating or re-designing the front of the Chapel. You can use any materials have at home: paint, pens, pencils, craft materials, loo rolls, or Lego, and it can be any style you like, a painting, collage, drawing or even a 3D sculpture. Here is a template to use, if needed.

Design a Chapel still.JPG

There are two age groups, 5s and under and ages 6-13.

  • The under 5s winner will win two lovely Usbourne books, ‘Peep Inside a Beehive’ and ‘Pop-Up London’.

  • The winner of the 6-13 age category will win a copy of ‘Where’s Wally: Double Trouble at the Museum’ and ‘Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media’.

Please send a photo of your entry with your name and age to Gemma at by Monday 2 November 2020, or share your image on our social media.

Download the flyer here and share it with your friends and church members.

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