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The London District Benevolent Fund


The purpose of the Fund is to help meet the exceptional needs of presbyters and deacons and lay employees and their dependents within the London District that cannot be met at a local church or Circuit level alone, by providing a resource from which confidential payments can be made at the discretion of the Trustees.



The Trustees of the Fund shall comprise the Chairs of District, the District Treasurer and one lay member of the District.


At the request of one of the Chairs of District, an individual payment from the Fund may be authorised by three of the Trustees, always including the District Treasurer and lay member.



The Trustees shall report to Synod each year the number of payments made and the total expended by the Fund.

Application should be made via the relevant Chair of District.


There are various Connexional funds for the support of ministers.  These can be accessed via your District Chair or via the Ministerial Grants page of the Methodist website.  

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