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The 'Virtual' District Team Bake Off 2020

Once again, the District Team have taken to their kitchens to bake their way to the crown of District Bake Off Champion 2020. For a little bit of healthy competition, the Learning Network were invited to join us in the fight for the title.

The line in the sand was drawn. Wooden spoons were at the ready. Then the competition began.

Now, because we're all safely ensconced in our homes, the competition was held virtually. For one morning Microsoft Teams became the equivalent of the Great British Bake Off tent.

As always, everyone fought valiantly. Once the beads of sweat were wiped from our brows, entries were submitted and the final vote casted, there was only one clear winner...

So congratulations to James Pickin, the new coordinator of the London Learning Network Team.

To award him for his spectacular effort, James has been presented with this beautiful 'Bake-Off Champion certificate.

Curious how the rest of the team got on? Check out the pics below:

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