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London Church Leaders meet with Mayor, Sadiq Khan

This morning (Tuesday 20 October 2020) Revd Jongi and Revd Michaela, along with other Church leaders across London met with the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and engaged with him about how faith communities can contribute to the health and well-being of people in our city.

'We talked of the contribution churches make in terms of youth work, homelessness, responding to poverty and, importantly now, amplifying the important public health messages regarding Covid-19. We also talked about the negative impact that the broadening of the Congestion Charge to include weekends was having on both our churches and on retail in central London. We agreed to write, as the London Church Leaders' Group, to Government ministers to ask them to reconsider this action. We also talked about the impact of continuing cuts in central government funding to Councils and the way that many London councils had invested millions in response to Covid-19 and were now facing cuts to other services as a result. The Mayor expressed hope that the Comprehensive Spending Review later this year may see some funds directed to local councils to off-set some of the financial gap that has been created.

When asked what London Christians might pray for him, Sadiq Khan said that he would like us to pray for hope. Hope for him but more importantly for all who are living with the impact of the pandemic. People of faith are able to bring love and hope in the midst of despair. So please do join the District Chairs in praying for hope for our city, for all in leadership and for all who are impacted by Covid-19 in terms of health, well-being and the economic realities we face.' - Revd Michaela Youngson.


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